Best things to do in Dublin on your first visit

Dublin is really the city that’s got it all – and it’s not just down to them having ‘the luck of the Irish’.

Many of us will have dreamed about visiting the Republic of Ireland – from the lively capital city to the beautiful Cliffs of Moher.

But for others, seeing Ireland will be a trip down memory lane – for some people, like me, will have strong family ties to the country.

However, even if you have no relations, Dublin is still well worth making time for.

From its rich history to eccentric nightlife and Instagrammable front doors, these ten attractions will prove why you should go to Dublin.

What to do in Dublin, Ireland

Marvel at the Book of Kells

The Book of Kells contains the four Gospels in Latin based on the Vulgate text which St Jerome completed in 384AD, intermixed with readings from the earlier Old Latin translation. 

The exhibition detailed information plaques, tell you exactly what you need to know, to understand the history and significance of the Gospels. 

Don’t miss the ink division, you will learn the minute intricacies which provide symbolic messages. 

Browse the Old Library

Transporting you back to the 18th century, when the magnificent Old Library building was constructed – this isn’t just an attraction for the literature lovers. 

The Long Room houses 200,000 of the Library’s oldest books in its oak bookcases.

Visitors will be in awe of the grandeur and atmosphere of this wing. 

Take a snap in Merrion Square

A Georgian garden square on the south side of Dublin city centre. 

Famous for its Instagram worthy doors, any travel bloggers visiting the city will not want to miss this. 

The square is also quieter than St Stephens Green for those who are looking for a solitary moment. 

Buy a round at Temple Bar

When I visited Dublin, I was 17-years-old, therefore, unable to fully soak up the atmosphere of the crowded pubs and diners. 

However, just walking down the street suffices when demonstrating the lively environment. 

If you’re visiting, make sure to choose a pint of Guinness, a traditional Irish beer. 

See a slice of Irish history at General Post Office

The GPO is a landmark site in Dublin, as in 1916, one of the most important events in Irish history happened there. 

It became the headquarters for the Easter Rising. 

At the time, Ireland and Britain were the United Kingdom but many Irish people believed Ireland should be in control of its affairs and a few were prepared to fight for Irish independence.

Today, The GPO continues to be the headquarters of An Post/Irish Post Office. 

It also houses the An Post GPO Witness History Visitor Centre, where guests can learn more about the 1916 saga. 

Take a walk over Ha’penny Bridge

Much like the bridges of Amsterdam, Ha’penny Bridge is something not to be missed.

Situated on Bachelors Walk, the bridge offers a passageway over the famous River Liffey.

Currently adorned with love-locks, Ha’penny is a great spot for Instagram photos.

Visit Kilmainham Gaol

Kilmainham Gaol is a former prison in Kilmainham, Dublin, Ireland.
It is now a museum run by the Government of Ireland.

The prison is perhaps most famous for holding political and military leaders in Irish history such as Robert Emmet, Charles Stewart Parnell.

It also gives tourists an insight into what prison life was like during that era.

Meander Grafton Street

Many people will recognise Grafton Street from Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Galway Girl’.

But despite the lyrics suggested that Ed met a girl outside a bar on this famous street, there are actually no bars on Grafton Street – just pubs.

Either way, Grafton Street is great for those looking to capture the essence of Dublin life.

It also boasts some pretty good shops for those wanting to splash the cash.

Shop the sales in Ilac Shopping Centre

Sticking to the theme of spending money, you can’t go wrong at the Ilac Shopping Centre.

There are multiple department stores and shops like River Island and TK Maxx.

But it’s worth checking the currency conversion – as an item might be cheaper in your own country.

Walk along the River Liffey

A trip to Dublin is not complete without a walk along the River Liffey.

If you’re a people watcher you’ll love seeing workers go about their daily business whilst tourists attempt to get that perfect picture.

Rather not walk? Don’t worry there are plenty of boat trips along the river which include a tour guide.

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